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Thank you for your interest in Tanglewood Homeowners Association. If you need additional information that wasn't available on our website, have questions about the homeowners association and area, or need to contact our property management company, please feel free to use the information provided below.


The Tanglewood at Mansfield Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers, voted on by the community.

The Board meetings will be posted in advance on this website. If you would like to attend a board meeting to voice your concerns or praises in person, please contact Allied Property Management. All residents are invited to attend the annual board meeting each Fall. To contact any member of the Board, please use any of the links found above.

Tanglewood HOA Board of Directors

    President Rob Chavarria
    Vice President Robert Perez
    Secretary Christian Doll
    Treasurer Vincent Puthoff
    Member at Large Paula Seifer

Tanglewood HOA Committee

The Property Center

Property Management


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